L' énigmatique chanteuse Jean Banks n'ayant -apparemment- enregistré qu'un seul single "Jailer/The Long Wait" édité sur Soul Records [1001] , un des nombreux labels de Carmen Murphy à Detroit. Deux titres composés par Dino Courreay et Samuel Williams Jr. arrangés et conduit par Dino E. Coureay, produit par Soulville, U.S.A. pour HOB Music (House Of Beauty) du salon de beauté de Carmen Murphy et plus tard le nom de son premier label. Deux excellentes Detroit Soul chanté par Jean Banks, qui "pourrait" être la chanteuse de Soul: Jean Wells ? Merci pour toutes infos sur Miss Banks !  




    The Long Wait






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    Mercredi 17 Mai 2017 à 20:56


    très bon blog

    merci du partage

    a bientôt

    Dimanche 28 Mai 2017 à 06:40

    Jean Banks absolument n'étaitpas Jean Wells. Ce dernier provenait de Floride, et elle a passé la plus grande partie de sa carrière de chanteur à Philadelphie et à New York. Carmen Murphy n'a utilisé que des chanteurs locaux de Detroit et les a enregistrement sonore à Detroit. En outre, la voix de Jean Banks est très différente de celle de Jean Wells. Je me souviens d'avoir vu le nom de Jean Banks lié à un groupe de filles local de chant des années 1960 de Detroit. Mais, malheureusement, je ne me souviens pas du nom de ce groupe.

    Dimanche 28 Mai 2017 à 17:08

    Bonjour Robbk

    Merci beaucoup pour ces infos a propos de Jean Banks, peut-être savez vous si elle a fait d'autres enregistrements ? Ce serait super de savoir dans quel Girl group elle a participé ! Encore merci pour les infos !


    Hello Robbk

    Thank you so much for this infos about Jean Banks, maybe you know if she made any other recordings? It would be great to know in whish Girl group she participated! Thanks again for this infos!


      • RobbK
        Dimanche 28 Mai 2017 à 18:35

        Unfortunately, I do not remember the group name, and I am not even certain that I am not confusing her with another singer.  It was many years ago that I saw that reference.  But, i have sent a note to Jean Banks' great grandson, to ask if he can provide more information about her career as a singer.  I think that she DID record more than these 2 songs, and I am sure I have seen her name listed as a known Detroit singer (perhaps seen a listing of her name on a poster as appearing at a nightclub during the early or mid 1960s.  I am a historian of Detroit Soul music.  I used to drive from Chicago to Detroit from 1963-1967 every Saturday to look for records inDetroit's record shops, discount stores, furniture stores and second-hand charity shops.  I knew some of the bigger Detroit record collectors, and have been collecting American Black music records since 1953.  I specialise in Detroit and Chicago 1950s and 1960s records.  I worked for Motown Records from 1976-1980 on projects to release previously unreleased recordings, including The "From The Vaults" project, and Motown 25 LP release project.  I also was a co-owner of Airwave Records, Altair Records, and Airwave International Records from 1980-1985.  Currently, I am a consultant contributor to Ace/Kent Records Soul and R&B CD productions.  I will contact you if I receive more information about Jean Banks.

    Lundi 29 Mai 2017 à 10:50

    Hello Robbk

    You have a Great knowledge of Detroit music, can you tell me if Mike Hanks had a share in some labels of Carmen Murphy? Thank you so much for you help!


    Lundi 29 Mai 2017 à 19:22

    Bonjour Gérard,

    That is a good question, given thatHanks was Mrs. Murphy's A&R man, who ran the daily operations of her Spartan label in 1960-61, and the earlier half of her Soul and Starmaker labels' existence in 1961 and 1962, before Dino Courreay took over that job in Spring 1963, when Hanks left Mrs. Murphy's employ, to concentrate fully on his own new D-Town Records and his MAH's Records.  Hanks left Mrs. Murphy's labels for the very reason that he was NOT Mrs. Murphy's partner, and wanted to work full time for a company for which he'd have full control of his record production as an owner..  He had already founded MAH's Records in 1960.  But during its first 3 years, it had only a small number of releases because he also had been running labels owned by others (Mrs. Murphy and a joint venture with Tony Ewing in their Spin records (1960).  He had founded D-Town in early 1962.  Hanks had other joint venture labels MRC (1963), and Wheelsville USA (1966-67).  He also was sole owner of Wheel City Records (1963-65), Exit Records (1963-64) and USD Records (1963-64), and had produced recording sessions and records for Chicago's Bob Catron, recorded both in Detroit and Chicago, which ended up on Chicago's USA, Bombay and Katron Records, and Detroit's Chrysler Records (all during 1963-1964).  Before he started running Mrs. Murphy's record labels in 1960, Mike had been Johnnie May Matthews' assistant producer in 1958 and 1959, and they started MAH's Records as a joint venture in 1960.  After 2 releases, Mike bought her out, and he had his own label.

    Mardi 30 Mai 2017 à 10:11

    Hello Robbk,

    Thanks for all Great infos about Mike Hanks and Carmen Murphy, i thought that Hanks was associated for some of Murphy's labels. Thanks again for your help! With your knowledge, maybe you wrote a book? if so i am interested of buying it.

    Have a nice day.


    Mardi 30 Mai 2017 à 14:53

    No. I haven't written a book about R&B or Soul music, but I contribute to Ace and Kent Records' CD information booklets, and provide historical information about all the Motown and its subsidiary  labels' individual 45 RPM single record releases on The Motown Junkies.co.uk website, and provide commentary on Detroit Soul records on SoulfulDetroit.com Forum and website.  One of my good friends from Chicago, Robert Pruter, has written 2 great books on Chicago's 1950s R&B and 1960s Soul music.  Maybe I will write a book on Detroit R&B and Soul music, some day.

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